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10 Lottery Facts You Must Read!

If the lure of the lottery has you dreaming about, Ferraris, private jets, trips to the Bahamas and mansions, well, you’re not alone. A lottery win can truly change your life!

Check out these 10 incredible lottery facts you may not have known!

What amount of lottery winnings goes unclaimed each year?

Just because you play the lottery, it doesn’t mean you’ll be walking away with a huge amount of money. It is estimated that over a billion dollars in winnings are unclaimed each year.

Yes, over a billion a year!

Which USA state sells the most lottery tickets?

It isn’t surprising the state of New York, known for New York City and its towering Niagara Falls, boasts the highest volume of lottery sales annually, with New Yorkers spending over AUD $12 billion dollars on the lottery!

Which USA state sells the least?

Unlike New Yorkers, the people of North Dakota aren’t overly interested in the lottery. In 2014, residents spent around AUD $35 million dollars on the lottery.

In most USA states, you have to go public. If you come into a huge amount of money, you may need to go public depending on what state you live in. There are only seven states you can stay completely anonymous if you choose. These states are:

  • Delaware
  • Kansas
  • Maryland
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • South Carolina
  • Texas

Don’t worry, if you play with The Lottery Office and win you can remain completely anonymous!

How many people say they’d keep their jobs if they won?

We have all thought about winning the lottery so we can quit our jobs and lay on the beach drinking margaritas all day. Depending on how much you win, it may be a good idea to keep your day job.

67% of Americans say that they’d keep working even if they were handed a jackpot prize.

Major movies have been funded by the UK lottery. Among the noble causes funded by the UK National Lottery are award-winning films. Some major movies that have been funded include, The King’s Speech, Billy Elliot and The Last King of Scotland!

Man fistpump

What percentage of lottery winners file for bankruptcy?

Despite winning millions of dollars, some winners have blown it all, leading them to file for bankruptcy. Around 1% of lottery winners go bankrupt annually.

Do people feel happier after winning the lottery?

Winning the lottery will alleviate any money woes you may be having, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will make you happier in the long run.

A major win will certainly boost your mood, at least temporarily. In one survey, 75% of respondents said they felt happier after winning the lottery. It definitely is how you use that money that makes the most difference!

People have won more than once! The odds may not be in your favour, but there are people that have won the lottery more than once!

A former maths professor has won the lottery four times. Yes, four times! He won AUD $7.4 million the first time, $2.7 million the second time a decade later, $4 million 2 years after that and a whopping 13 million in 2010!

It is safe to say that he is one lucky man!

Which gender plays the lottery more?

In general, men are more likely to play the lottery.

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How do I collect my winnings?

In the case of wins of $10,000 and higher, you will be contacted within 2 business days to discuss payout arrangements. You may be required to provide further proof of identity documentation before we can pay out a large win. Large wins will not be automatically added to your account funds, but they will be recorded on the relevant entry in 'My Draws'. Winnings under $10,000 will be automatically transferred to your Lottery Office account. Players who have successfully had their identity verified are able to withdraw any winnings. Unverified players cannot withdraw winnings. Please note: Bank accounts used for payment of winnings must be in the name of The Lottery Office account holder and be located in their country of residence.

Can I choose to remain anonymous in the event of a win?

If, in the event of a win if you wished to stay anonymous, we would honour that regardless of the lottery.

How do I reinvest my winnings to play again?

Unless you withdraw your winnings, this money will stay in your account as credit and will automatically be used when purchasing your next games. Please note maximum account limits apply, please refer to our terms and conditions.

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