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10 most common lottery myths, busted

There’s a lot of lottery fake news out there. Don’t buy into it; it could stop you from becoming filthy rich! To set the record straight, we debunk some common lottery myths.

Aussies can’t play international lotteries

Says who? For each Lottery Office ticket you buy, we purchase a matching ticket in an international lottery draw, guaranteeing you every cent of your winnings.

Why should Aussies miss out on all the fun?

I’ll have to go abroad to collect my winnings

We’ll save you a job. All winnings are claimed by our lottery agents and we pass the same amount directly to you, meaning no need to go through the hassle of claiming the win yourself.

The bigger the jackpot, the harder it is to win

Nope! Your chances of winning the lottery do not change, regardless of how monstrously huge the jackpot is.

You have just as much chance of winning an AUD$2.1 billion jackpot in USA Power Lotto as you do of winning the minimum jackpot of AUD$54 million.

Proceeds don’t benefit Aussies

Wrong! We set up The Lottery Office Charitable and Community Benefits Fund to give a percentage of our sales to charity, making sure that everyday aussies get a slice of the pie.

On top of this, The Lottery Office is an Australian owned and operated company, so all proceeds from ticket sales stay right here, where they belong.

As you can see, it’s not only lottery winners that benefit from our services! Just ask the folk at Transformations, who we recently donated to.

You take a commission out of my winnings

Your winnings are 100% yours. Rest assured, we don’t take any commission on winnings. This is one of the most widely believed lottery myths. Fortunately, it’s not true.

I’ll have to reveal my identity if I win. I’m scared of being stalked by weirdos!

We wouldn’t do that to you! All winners have the right to anonymity, so you can spend your millions in peace. Your long lost fourth cousin won’t come begging for a slice, so relax.

Winners with The Lottery Office get to stay anonymous

Nobody really wins the lottery

Try telling that to the three winners of the world record holding US Powerball jackpot worth AUD$2.18 billion! Or the lucky family syndicate winners of an AUD$270 million EuroMillions prize. I’m pretty sure they’ll tell you that people most definitely do win the lottery!

The tax office is coming for my winnings

You can rest easy knowing that all winnings with The Lottery Office are not subject to Australian taxes. Take that, taxman.

Winning more than once is impossible

History says otherwise. One lucky couple won AUD$1.5 million in the EuroMillions… twice!

There are many other similar stories. Lightning can (and does) strike twice!

The more people that play, the worse your chances of winning

Not so! Your chances of winning depend completely on the lottery balls in the draw, and have nothing to do with how many other people are playing.

In fact, more people playing often means bigger prizes, as there is more money to give out.

No fake news here!

Now that these lottery myths have been well and truly busted, why not take advantage of our free sign up.

What have you got to lose?

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