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VIC WINNER: Lucky Life Path Number Leads to $47,116 win!

The next USA Mega Lotto draw jackpot on 22 May is worth an astonishing AUD$629 Million!

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A recent winner with The Lottery Office has won a division 3 prize and clinched a $47,116 win in our USA Power Lotto!

The lucky woman was a childcare worker who discovered The Lottery Office a year ago through Facebook.

Curious about her winning numbers?

She selected ones that were special to her, such as birthdays.

In fact, she chose her “Life Path” number for the Powerball and struck lucky!

She was only one number away from taking home the division one prize of a mouthwatering $1,225,039!

Her numbers were:

The winning numbers were:

The USA Power Lotto is matched with The US Powerball, which is officially the holder of the worl’ds biggest ever jackpot in a national lottery!

With prizes going up to astonishing heights like AUD $2.95 billion, why wait?

Sign up for free with The Lottery Office and start playing today!

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