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Queensland USA Power Lotto winner takes home $42,600

The next USA Power Lotto draw jackpot on 16 June is worth an astonishing AUD$51 Million!

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A winner from Queensland has taken out division 3 in our USA Power Lotto September 6 draw!

The woman, 38, from Redland in South East Queensland, initially didn’t respond to our attempts to contact her about her win, but when she did answer her phone and the news sunk in, she was ecstatic. She was shocked to hear she would walk away with over AUD$42,000, exclaiming,

‘Oh wow! Oh my god that is amazing!’

She was caught completely by surprise and had no idea that her 3rd division winning numbers had come up, saying,

‘I haven’t even checked, and I always check!’

The winning numbers were 15, 21, 22, 27, 47 and the Power Number was 7.

The division 3 winner had 15, 21, 27, 47, 49 and her Power Number was 7.

The lucky winner is a regular player with The Lottery Office and enjoys playing for the large jackpots offered by our matching European and American lotteries.

When asked about how she plans to spend the money, she said that before the win she was intending to buy a small boat with her hubby. That small boat will now be a bigger boat! Congratulations! She joins a lucky Western Australian miner as a USA Power Lotto 3rd division winner.

We love calling our winners with good news.

For each ticket you buy with us, we buy a matching ticket in an overseas lottery, and pass the same value of any winnings we collect to you. Play with us now for your chance to be the next to receive a call from us about a Lottery Office win.

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