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VIC WINNER: Player in disbelief after $55,000 European Millions win

The next European Millions draw jackpot on 22 May is worth an astonishing AUD$42 Million!

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A North Melbourne man has taken a division 3 European Millions prize in the April 26 draw, to the tune of $55,564!

Initially, when The Lottery Office Customer Support team called him to tell him the good news, he felt it was too good to be true and mistakenly believed he was being contacted by a scammer. Only once he opened his account on The Lottery Office app was he able to confidently confirm that the win was in fact the real deal!

After taking stock of the pleasant surprise during the phone call, the winner said, ‘I work in the hospitality industry but just had surgery so I’m at home recovering at the moment,’

‘With this money, I’ll be able to pay back my wife who paid for all my surgery.’

‘My wife and I can’t wait to celebrate with the rest of our family.’

He is a relatively new player with The Lottery Office, who grabbed his attention with the fact that we buy matching tickets in large overseas lottery draws, such as the US Powerball. After having previously lived in the USA, the player was accustomed to playing the US Powerball and jumped at the chance to win from its draws in Australia. After playing for several years in the USA with little result, we’re so pleased he managed to win a significant prize from Australia after playing for a short period of time.

The winner’s numbers were:

The winning division 1 jackpot numbers were:

What Could Have Been!

One option available to European Millions players at The Lottery Office is the ‘Guaranteed 2 Lucky Stars’ feature. This easy-to-play alternative to standard lottery games allows players to pick only the main 5 numbers. Players don’t need to pick their Lucky Star numbers, because they’re locked in and you’re guaranteed to get both winning Lucky Stars, no matter what!

Seeing as the 2 Lucky Stars were the numbers the player did not manage to successfully pick, the Guaranteed 2 Lucky Stars option would have been the difference between a division 1 $186 million jackpot prize and a division 3 prize worth just over $55,000. Nobody managed to win the jackpot prize, so it increased even more after the April 26 draw. Who knows, maybe the same player might even win a jackpot prize yet!

Anonymity For All

As with all winners at The Lottery Office, the winner has chosen to keep his identity a secret. This is a smart move, as history has shown that people who publicly reveal their new-found wealth can be pursued by strangers for a cut of the prize!


All European Millions wins are 100% tax-free, meaning no tax is paid on any winning matching overseas tickets, nor is it paid here in Australia. Taxes might be applicable in Australia on interest earned on lottery winnings, check with your tax professional for advice.

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