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NSW WINNER: “$142,753 win made my week, my month, my year!”

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A Stroke of Fortune Just in Time for a Holiday!

In an incredible stroke of luck, a warm-hearted nurse from Northern NSW scooped up AUD$142,753 in the USA Power Lotto drawn on the 4th of February 2024 – and she was over the moon to win and help her family out!

She has been a faithful player at The Lottery Office since 2021, always choosing her favourite numbers, which represent the birthdays of her beloved family members—her husband, siblings, and children.

She matched the numbers 3, 9, 11, 27, 59, with the Powerball at 19, narrowly missing the jackpot by just one number!

Had she picked 66 instead of 3, she would have won the Division 1 jackpot prize of AUD$316,045,200. Yet, fortune smiled broadly on her with quite a significant win.

Her numbers were:

3-Feb-2024 Winners Numbers

The winning numbers were:

USA Power Lotto Winning Numbers

A Holiday and a Heartfelt Gift Ahead

The win comes at a perfect time as our winner was just preparing for a holiday with her husband. When our representatives here at The Lottery Office gave this lucky nurse a call, she was overjoyed! “I’m in shock; I can’t believe it,” she shared, still reeling from the news.

This win is not just a financial boon but a beacon of hope. “I’ll probably buy a new car for a start,” she muses about her plans with the winnings.

But more touching is her intention to fund her eldest daughter’s IVF treatment.

“My eldest daughter is going through IVF, so there is going to be a very special gift there. That’s going to take the edge right off,” she said, teary-eyed about the meaningful use of her prize.

By including the multiplier option with her ticket, she was able to triple her winnings, turning a good fortune into a life-changing one.

“You’ve made my week, my month, my year!” she cheered.


This unexpected windfall is the first of its kind for her and comes at a time when it was much needed. As she and her husband embark on their next holiday, the future looks brighter. A big congratulations from us here at The Lottery Office!

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