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NSW WINNER: Relief for man with $45,780 USA Power Lotto win

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A gentleman from the Hunter region in New South Wales has won a very timely prize division 3 prize of over $45,000 in the 20 July USA Power Lotto draw.

A plumbing leak had recently seriously affected his home, including a bedroom he was planning to use to host friends from overseas on their first trip to Australia.

On top of this, he was having problem meeting his mortgage commitments, with his repayments having increased by $1,200 per month since interest rates started to rise.

Speaking with The Lottery Office, he was shocked, elated and emotional to receive the news.

“It’s brought tears of happiness”, he said.

“I do have fun playing the game, it’s the only form of gambling I do, it lets you dream a little”

As well as hoping to “build a future for my daughter”, the selfless winner also pledged to help others, starting with helping his brother, who’s recently been in hospital.

He also says, “You couldn’t accept that amount of money without making some donations to charity. There’s people in need, and I hope one day I can win bigger so I can give it away! I would give it to the people who need food and medicine”

What a legend!

The win came from a single standard game USA Power Lotto entry, showing that sometimes even a small chance can be enough. He chose a Quick Play entry, which generates your lotto numbers at random.

His division 3 winning numbers were:

The drawn division 1 winning numbers were:

When you play The Lottery Office’s USA Power Lotto, we buy an equivalent ticket in a US Powerball draw overseas, using the same lotto numbers you selected. If the US Powerball ticket wins any prizes, we collect them, and pay winners the same amount that we collected from the overseas lottery.

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