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NSW WINNER: Congratulations to our latest USA Mega Lotto winner! 

The next USA Mega Lotto draw jackpot on 22 May is worth an astonishing AUD$629 Million!

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Recently a lottery office player came painfully close to winning half a billion dollars. Instead, she took home a division 3 win as a result of the 30th May 2020 US Mega Millions draw. 

The Sydney woman was one number from winning a mind-blowing AUD$500 million! A win that would have gone down in the record books for being the biggest jackpot win ever seen in Australia! 

To win division 1, our customer needed to match one more number, unfortunately the final number drawn was 51, and she had number 50! 

“If I won the full jackpot I would have retired and, after the pandemic, travelled the world,” she said. 

After only signing up to play with The Lottery Office on 30th April, the Concord West resident won from our matching USA Mega Lotto. The lucky lady only spent $23.50 before she won AUD$9200! 

Despite being so close to winning division 1, it’s still smiles all-round for this lucky winner. She was extremely thankful for her nearly $10,000 win and plans on booking a trip to Hawaii for her and her daughter once Covid-19 restrictions lift, as well as keeping a little aside for a rainy day and more lottery tickets.   

“Winning $9,200 from spending $23.50 is nothing to sneeze at”. 

The winning numbers were:

The customer’s numbers were:

For a division 3 win, you need to match 4 numbers and the mega number, but to win division 1 you must match all 5 numbers and the mega number.

When you buy a ticket in our USA Mega Lotto, we purchase a matching ticket in the US Mega Millions draw. If you win, we pay you the exact same amount we collect from the lottery. No fees, no commissions. 

For more information about US Mega Millions, here’s a simple explanation. Sign up and play now for your chance to win! 

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