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NSW WINNER: $962,488 USA Mega Lotto win for hard-working tradie

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A long-time electrician from New South Wales was over the moon to learn he’d won a division 2 prize in the USA Mega Lotto in the September 23 draw.

It was a welcome relief after several grinding years of hardship, kicked off by the Covid pandemic.

After falling behind in his mortgage payments, he and his wife were both forced to work multiple jobs just to keep a roof over their family’s head. After an extended period sleeping for only a few hours a night, the winner and his wife felt palpable relief after discovering the size of their windfall. The winner and his wife understandably “shed a few quiet tears” together.

When asked if they’d fleshed out their plans for the money yet, he replied, “We don’t know yet, apart from the mortgage which is really life changing, I’m just overwhelmed. We’re just trying to take it all in at the moment”

“I’ve dreamt of this day every night… I’m stoked that it was my turn, I can’t believe it”

And how did his wife take the news?

“She screamed, you know! Screaming and screaming!”

The massive prize was won with a Quick Play, which generates random numbers for lotto tickets and is the fastest way to enter a draw.

The winning USA Mega Lotto numbers were:

His division 2 winning numbers were:

As you can see, the only number he missed out on was the all-important Mega ball, which would have seen him claim the $318 million jackpot prize.

The USA Mega Lotto has a minimum jackpot of $20 million and regularly offers prizes worth hundreds of millions. It even reached $2.4 billion in the 9 August, 2023 draw.

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Players must be over 18 and a resident of Australia or New Zealand.

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