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Which International Lottery Should You Play

Deciding which of our matching international lotteries to play can feel like picking a lucky number itself – daunting yet exciting. With our options ranging from the USA’s giant jackpots to Europe’s tax-free prizes, there’s a lot to consider.

Whether you’re after big wins, cost-effective plays, or unique game formats, The Lottery Office has you covered, providing matched tickets in the international lottery of your choosing.

Bigger Prizes: USA Mega Lotto & USA Power Lotto

For those who dream big, the USA Mega Lotto and USA Power Lotto stand out with their jaw-dropping jackpots. Both lotteries have a starting minimum jackpot of AUD$25 million, but the real excitement lies in their potential to grow even BIGGER!

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The USA Power Lotto also offers quite a twist with its multiplier option, which can boost non-jackpot prizes by up to 10 times for an extra $3.70 per game. Imagine turning a regular win into quite the fortune!

Take for example a winner from The Lottery Office based Victoria, who turned their $9,645 win into a whopping $38,581 by purchasing the Multiplier option with his entry in the 30 September draw!

Cheapest Lotto Tickets: Italian Super Jackpot & La Primitiva

  • Italian Super Jackpot

If you’re on the lookout for more bang for your buck, the Italian Super Jackpot offers an attractive entry point at just $4.75 per game. With draws four times a week and a minimum jackpot of AUD$3 million, it’s an excellent choice for players who appreciate frequent opportunities to win without breaking the bank.

  • La Primitiva

Similarly, La Primitiva offers a low entry cost of $3.70 per game, combined with a unique ‘The Joker’ game for an additional $3.70, which opens the door to winning AUD$1.6 million. This Spanish lottery’s affordable ticket price and additional play options make it a compelling choice for cost-conscious players looking for a mix of value and excitement.

Tax Free Lotteries: European Millions & Irish Lotto

  • European Millions

One of the most attractive features of the European Millions is its tax-free status. With tickets priced at $9.50, not only does it offer the chance for substantial jackpots, but winners can also enjoy their prizes without the deduction of taxes.

This feature is particularly appealing to players who dream of winning big and want to ensure that their winnings remain as intact as possible. Additionally, the game’s unique jackpot cap and the possibility of diverting funds to lower divisions make it an even more enticing option for those looking to take home the entirety of their prize.

  • Irish Lotto

Similarly, the Irish Lotto is another fantastic choice for players focused on tax-free lottery winnings. With an entry cost of $8.45 and a minimum jackpot of AUD$3 million, it offers a blend of affordability and significant prize potential. The tax-free nature of its winnings means that players can fully enjoy their jackpot without worrying about a substantial portion being taken by taxes.

This aspect, combined with its mechanism of distributing the jackpot to lower-tier winners if not won within a certain number of draws, makes the Irish Lotto a great option for those looking to maximize their after-tax winnings.

Choosing lotteries like European Millions and Irish Lotto can be particularly beneficial for those concerned about the tax implications of their potential winnings. These lotteries allow winners to enjoy their prizes to the fullest, making them top picks for players prioritizing tax-free winnings.

Fun Lotto Features: La Primitiva

For those seeking a lottery experience with a dash of extra excitement, La Primitiva presents as a fun option. Its standout feature, ‘The Joker’, available for an additional $3.70, offers players the chance to win AUD$1.6 million.

Additionally, the inclusion of a ‘Reintegro’ number spices it up even more – matching this number can win players a small prize, enhancing the overall lottery experience. Priced at just $3.70 per game, La Primitiva merges affordability with the thrill of innovative gameplay, making it a top choice for players looking for more than just the standard lottery draw.

Whether you’re after big jackpots, budget-friendly tickets, tax-free prizes, or games with extra fun, The Lottery Office has the perfect international lottery for you. Play now to find your fortune!

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