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Ticket sales at all-time high for The Lottery Office after US Powerball jackpot hits $1 billion

The Lottery Office has been inundated with a flood of new customers after news broke that the US Powerball lottery has reached an incredible jackpot of AUD$1 billion.

Australian customers keen to benefit are flocking to The Lottery Office website, which has reported its highest-ever ticket sales in the past week, and highest-ever ticket sales in a day on Monday.

Since its launch, thousands of Australian customers have participated in draws by The Lottery Office.

It is currently the only operator through which Australians can legally benefit by buying tickets in draws such as the USA Power Lotto, US Mega Lotto and the European Millions, which are then matched with overseas lottery draws.

The Lottery Office General Manager Jaclyn Mundey said that the $1 billion jackpot was an incredible opportunity for Australians to change their lives and make their dreams come true.

“With one billion dollars, the possibilities are truly endless,” Ms Mundey said.

“Winning this jackpot would genuinely change someone’s life, providing them with the financial means to tick anything and everything off their bucket list.

“It’s not surprising that thousands of Australians want a chance to win their share of the prize.

“Ticket sales have been high in all major cities, and players from across the nation have purchased tickets in the hope that they’ll score the lucky ticket.”

Ms Mundey said that Australians could rest assured that the draw was legitimate, and The Lottery Office did not offer a lottery betting product or a foreign lottery product.

“The Lottery Office issues consumers with a government-authorised Lottery Office ticket and purchases a matching ticket in the corresponding overseas lottery draw, rather than offering a bet on the outcome.

“The customer’s Lottery Office ticket includes exactly the same draw details as the overseas lottery and guarantees them a legal contract with us.

“If the customer wins, we pay them the exact amount of the winnings we collect from the overseas lottery ticket.

“By buying a matching ticket in the overseas lottery, The Lottery Office can guarantee all winnings will be paid.”

The US Powerball will be drawn on Thursday and is the fourth-biggest jackpot in US history.

A full list of current lotteries and their jackpots is available on The Lottery Office website.


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