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Australians offered a second chance at $100m jackpot thanks to overseas lotteries

If you’re one of the disappointed punters who missed out on the $107 million jackpot, The Lottery Office is offering a second chance this weekend to win more money than you can wrap your head around.

Two US jackpots will be drawn in coming days that rival the size of the recent record win: The Lottery Office is reporting that its USA Power Lotto has reached $179 million, while its USA Mega Lotto jackpot is currently sitting at $95 million.

When Australians purchase tickets in its lotteries, The Lottery Office purchases a matching ticket in the overseas draw to give local punters the chance to win big.

Tickets from the Lottery Office can be purchased for as little as $7.

The Lottery Office General Manager Jaclyn Mundey said that this matching of the overseas jackpots provided more opportunities for Australians to win big and change their lives.

“While the $107 million jackpot win set records in Australia, jackpots of this size are far more common in the US and Europe.

“For only $7, you could have a chance to completely transform your life. These jackpot winnings are more than enough to quit your job, pay off your mortgage and head off on an around-the-world trip, for years.

“Australians can have just as much of a chance of winning as players based in Europe or the US, so why not give it a go?” Ms Mundey said.

The Lottery Office is the only operator in Australia that complies with new laws to allow Australians to legally win from draws including the US Mega Millions, US Powerball and EuroMillions.

“Playing our lotteries matched with overseas jackpot draws is just as safe and legitimate as any other Australian lottery, because you are buying a ticket from a licensed operator, The Lottery Office.

“This means that Australians can benefit from overseas lotteries.

“If you win, the prize is all yours – although if you do win the USA Power Lotto’s $179 million jackpot, you might need some help spending it all.”

A full list of current lotteries and their jackpots is available on The Lottery Office website.

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