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Australians flocking to alternative lotteries with Powerball now harder than ever to win

Despite the hype surrounding Thursday’s record Powerball prize, online lottery operator The Lottery Office has reported that Australians are increasingly turning to alternative lotteries for bigger jackpots.

Since the Lott changed the requirements of winning Powerball last year, it has now become nearly twice as difficult to take out the division one prize.

Many players are unhappy about the change, and The Lottery Office General Manager Jaclyn Wood said they had seen significant growth in their business as a result.

“Many Aussie players are very strategic and want to make sure that they are getting the biggest jackpots when it comes to buying a lottery ticket,” Ms Wood said.

“While the odds now of winning the Powerball lottery are similar to winning our European Millions draw, the current European Millions jackpot is sitting at $303 million – nearly double the current Powerball jackpot.

“If you’re going to purchase a lottery ticket, why wouldn’t you choose the lottery that offers a far larger prize at similar odds?”

Ms Wood said many overseas lotteries to which The Lottery Office matches its draws have different rules to Powerball, making it easier to win massive second division prizes.

“The Euro Millions lottery, which we match our European Millions draw to, cannot jackpot indefinitely,” Ms Wood explained.

“If it reaches the jackpot limit and hasn’t been won for five weeks it is distributed among the second division winners. Depending on how many second division winners there are, you can win a huge sum of money without even having all of the division one winning numbers.”

Ms Wood said that large jackpots are common for The Lottery Office, as the operator uses a unique ticket matching system that matches its prizes to large overseas lottery draws.

“The Lottery Office issues Australian consumers with a government-authorised Lottery Office ticket and then purchases a matching ticket in the overseas lottery draw, rather than offering a bet on the outcome,” Ms Wood said.

“If the customer wins, we pay them the exact amount of the winnings we collect from the overseas lottery ticket.

“This means that our customers can benefit from jackpots that regularly exceed $100 million.”

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