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How many Tesla Cybertrucks could you buy if you won a USA Power Lotto jackpot

There’s been a lot of talk around town about the electric Tesla Cybertruck. They are fast, strong and the ultimate in futuristic driving. It’s no wonder more than 250,000 people from around the world have signed up to secure their place in the queue to order one! 

For now, only a prototype has been released, but this vehicle looks to transform the definition of a ‘Truck’ and we think it’s going to be high on the list of things to buy for international lottery winners. 

The baseline single motor RWD will set you back just under AUD$60,000, and the top of the line Tri-Motor AWD just over AUD$106,000. 

To put it into perspective, if you played USA Power Lotto and win a minimum jackpot of AUD$50 million from the draws of US Powerball, you could buy a Tesla Cybertruck for yourself and 832 of your friends!

Even if you won the minimum AUD$1.3 Million second division prize you could still buy 21 Cybertrucks with your winnings!

How many Cybertrucks for $50 million

You could buy 833 Cybertrucks if you won the minimum USA Power Lotto jackpot ($60,000 per truck)

Why we think lottery winners will love the Tesla Cybertruck

The Cybertruck is built for performance and durability, and it’s a total showstopper! There’s nothing that compares to the Cybertruck and you’re sure to get plenty of attention sitting behind the wheel of this machine. 

It has approximately 800km of range (that’ll get you from Byron Bay to Sydney without stopping once!) and accelerates from 0 – 60mph (96km) in 2.9 seconds, faster than some of the best sports cars on the road today.

Often the Ferraris and Porsches are at the top of the list to buy after a lottery jackpot win, but we have a feeling the Tesla Cybertruck is going to be just as popular once it’s released. 


The Cybertruck’s exterior is probably the most eye-catching, resembling a high-tech tank with an exoskeleton made for enhanced durability and protection. The outside of the Cybertruck is said to be nearly impenetrable, with Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless-steel skin and Tesla Armor Glass. 

The AWD has all the features you’d expect from a truck, with the exceptional towing capacity of more than 6300kg, more than 1500kg of payload capacity and adjustable air suspension. 

The truck has approximately 2.8 cubic metres of lockable storage space, with under-bed storage, frunk, sail pillar storage, on-board air and power and a strong tonneau cover. If you’re a camper, this is the dream utility! 

For those motorbike or quadbike enthusiasts it also has a slide out tray that doubles as a ramp. Genius! 

The Cybertruck seats 6 people and has a sophisticated interior with a 17” touchscreen, autopilot and a customised user interface.

Inside the Tesla Cybertruck

Inside the Tesla Cybertruck. Photo: mrlewaynee/Wikipedia

Sign up for pre-order

Are you keen to get your hands on the Cybertruck? As we mentioned, Tesla has only released a prototype model, but according to their website they expect US production to near in late 2021. You can join the queue to order the Tesla Cybertruck today via the Tesla website

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