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8 Environmentally Responsible Ways To Spend Your USA Power Lotto Winnings

Vacations, big houses and new cars are high on the list of ‘must buys’ after a lottery win. But what if you could spend your USA Power Lotto winnings in a more environmentally responsible way? A way that helps the environment and leaves a legacy your children would be proud of…

If you’d prefer to swap sports cars for saving forests, and mansions for helping our planet, these are our top 8 ways to spend your jackpot win.

Environmentally responsible investing

Investing in a green business or project is one environmentally responsible way to spend your lottery winnings. Whether it’s an existing business making big changes for the environment, or an entrepreneur or startup with innovative green solutions, you’re leaving a legacy that will continue to benefit the next generations.

Act locally

There’s no need to go global to help the environment, you can make a difference in your own backyard.

There are hundreds of local environmental projects locally that need funding and your USA Power Lotto winnings will go a long way to help these small environmental enterprises. Why not start your own community garden, or fund a local eco-friendly event? The possibilities are endless.

Start an eco-friendly business

If you don’t want to invest in someone else’s business, start your own. Maybe you have some great ideas around sustainability, or have a vision for a new environmentally friendly product that will make headway in the fight against climate change? Thanks to your USA Power Lotto jackpot win you have the funding to bring your ideas to fruition and realise your dreams.

Travel and volunteer

A vacation around the world might not be appealing to you, but how about an environmentally responsible holiday where you can volunteer and donate your time to save the planet?

There are literally thousands of projects and ways to volunteer your time to help the environment, and at the same time see the world!

Build a sustainable home

Building a huge mansion on the beach might not float your boat, but how about building a cutting-edge sustainable property that leads the way in innovative environmentally friendly building design?

A USA Power Lotto win which will be the exact same amount as a US Powerball win will give you the opportunity to build the sustainable house of your dreams and fund the sustainable lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Think big

With the dollars from a USA Power Lotto Jackpot win behind you, there’s no limit to what you can do to help the environment. Think big and invest in the bigger issues like climate change, ocean health, the war against plastic, deforestation and other world environmental issues.

US clothing entrepreneurs Kristine McDivitt Tompkins and her late husband Doug Tompkins, dedicated their lives and dollars to preserving and rewilding large areas of Patagonia in Chile.

Become an environmental activist

Have you always wanted to stand up and lead the fight to save our planet? A USA Power Lotto win will give you the money to fund your campaign and speak out about the issues you are passionate about.

The youngest heir to his family’s banking fortune, David de Rothschild developed a mission to raise awareness of the Pacific Garbage Patch, in which he invented a new form of sustainable ship built from approximately 12,500 reclaimed plastic bottles.

Donate to charity

Do you want to help the environment, but don’t know where to go or where to start? There are thousands of charities who can put your USA Power Lotto winnings to good use.

Whether it’s locally, or on a global scale, there are so many ways to spend your USA Power Lotto winnings in an environmentally responsible way. PLAY NOW for a chance to win and make a difference!

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