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6 Extreme all-terrain vehicles we’d buy if we won Irish Lotto

Have you bought a ticket in this week’s Irish Lotto? A jackpot win could put you in the driver’s seat to buy anything your heart desires!

This list of extreme all-terrain vehicles isn’t for the faint-hearted. This is for the true adventurers and thrill seekers! What better way to celebrate a big lotto win then getting off-road and letting loose across the countryside! 

Here’s a list of the top 6 extreme ATV vehicles we’d buy with a big lottery win. 

Resvani tank 4×4 2020

When you see a Rezvani Tank you could be fooled into thinking you’re on the set of a transformers movie, but this all-terrain vehicle is very real! With suicide doors and a futuristic body, this beast is pure muscle and a fun way to invest your lottery winnings.   

The Rezvani Tank is designed for civilian use, but inspired by military vehicles. Some of the mind-blowing optional extras include a FLIR thermal night vision camera system, Kevlar, bullet proof glass, underside explosive protection, sirens, a smoke-screen, video surveillance, gas masks and electro-magnetic pulse protection. 

Price: Starting from AUD$230,000

Avtoros Shaman 8 x 8

This Russian ATV is everything lottery dreams are made of! There is no road too rocky, no quicksand too deep and no mountain too high for this extreme machine. 

This amphibious monster’s tires have independent suspension, giving it extreme capabilities to comfortably traverse through marshes, tundra, rivers and shallow lakes. It also has a hermetic boat-formed frame with high-performance water pumps to remove water. 

The Shaman comes in 2 models. The Tourist, which seats 9, and the Hunter, with bench seats that transform into beds for 4 people. 

You won’t miss a thing sitting in the front seat, with driver steering from the middle of the cockpit. 

Not interested in buying off the shelf? Why not build your own Shaman and get the exact options and features you want! 

Price: Price on request 

Zoorooq Sandracer GT 500

Zarooq SandRacer

Self-named the Desert Supercar, the Zarooq Sandracer GT 500 may not look like your typical off-road vehicle, but it has all the guts and performance to travel off road with ease. 

The Sandracer’s carbon fibre body 1300kg chassis, Intrax racing suspension that allows 45cm of travel and 6.2L V8 engine, gives this desert destroyer immense power and off-road capabilities. 

With a limit of 35 iterations upon its release in 2017, the Sandracer might be hard to get your hands on, but it’s worth the fight!

Price: Approximately AUD$803,000


For some serious off-road fun, you can’t beat the Sherp. This amphibian all-terrain vehicle resembles a mini monster truck. With its huge tires, this Russian made off-road machine can conquer any landscape, with the ability to traverse 35 degree slopes and swim through water. 

The Sherp recreational all-terrain vehicle is built for reliability and durability, with no electronics and an engine that’s easy to maintain and repair. It’s corrosion resistant, and its tubeless, low-pressure tyres can conquer 3m obstacles. It also has a fully-sealed body to wade through water. 

Price: From AUD$199,000

Action Mobil Global XRS 7400 

If you win an Irish Lotto jackpot and would rather spend your prize money on something you can travel in, the Action Mobil Global XRS 7400 is right up your alley. 

Get the family ready because this off-road mobile home is made for the extremes and will travel anywhere! This is the motorhome you buy when ordinary motorhomes just don’t cut it! 

On the outside, it’s an all-terrain conquering expedition vehicle, while on the inside it has all the luxuries you need to set up life anywhere in the country. This motorhome is 18 tonnes of pure beast, with a 720 horse-power engine and nearly 9.7m chassis. 

Other than its impressive off-road performance and luxurious living quarters, the Global XRS 7400 has a lift out back that stores its very own two-wheeler. This is no ordinary motorhome, that’s for sure!

Price: Price on request

Ripsaw EV2

Ripsaw Luxury Tank

If winning an Irish lottery jackpot isn’t a good reason to buy a luxury tank, what is! 

Originally designed for the military, the Ripsaw EV2 is now available for those wanting adventure of a different kind. With dual tracks and impressive power and speed, this luxury tank can be custom made for about half a million dollars.  

We’re not sure where you’d drive the Ripsaw EV2, but after seeing it, we can’t help wondering what it would look like sitting in our garage!

Price: Approximately AUD$500,000

If these extreme machines don’t give you the motivation to play Irish lotto, for the chance to win from the draws of Ireland’s National Lotto, we don’t know what will! 

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