Italy's SuperEnalotto is one of the biggest lotteries in the world. It is famous for its long periods of rollovers which grow the jackpots to hundreds of millions of Euros. The Jackpot continues to grow with no cap until there is a winner when it then reverts to the starting amount.

It set the European record for the biggest jackpot in February 2023 when it paid out a €371 million first prize to one lucky winner after jackpotting for over a year.

There is a guaranteed minimum €2 million starting jackpot, with a percentage of ticket sales of previous draws being added to this until the jackpot is won.

To play, 6 numbers are chosen out of a pool of 90.

Draws take place in Italy at 8pm every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday local time.


Prize Categories and Odds:

Divisions Match Winning Odds
1 6 1:622,614,630
2 5 + 1 1:103,769,105
3 5 1:1,250,230
4 4 1:11,907
5 3 1:327
6 2 1:22


For prizes claimed as of 1 st March 2020, a 20% tax is applied to winnings that exceed €500.
TLO will pay you the exact same amount of after-tax winnings collected from the matching SuperEnalotto ticket


Promotional Prizes

Some promotional prizes that may be offered by the Lottery Operator to ticket holders within the Lottery Operator's country are excluded from the prizes that can be won by The Lottery Office Players. The Divisional prizes listed above are the valid prizes offered by The Lottery Office.

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