EuroMillions is a lottery played across several European countries. Players are required to select 5 main numbers, from 1 to 50. They must also select two ‘Lucky Star’ numbers from an additional pool of 1 to 12. During the draw process, 5 random main numbers are drawn and 2 random Lucky Stars are drawn. The draw takes place twice each week, on Tuesdays and Fridays in Paris.

The minimum jackpot is €17 million (approximately AUD$25 million). When the jackpot is not won, the jackpot rolls over to the next draw. The jackpot increases each draw where it’s not won, until it reaches the EuroMillions jackpot cap of €230 million (approximately AUD$355 million). When the cap is reached, if it is not then won for 5 draws, the jackpot prize rolls down to the next division with a winner.

Each time the jackpot cap is reached, and subsequently won, it will increase by €10 million (approximately AUD$15 million) for the next cycle. The same mechanism will be applied until the jackpot cap reaches €250 million (approximately AUD$385 million).

European Millions

Prize Categories and Odds

Prize Categories Odds of Winning (1 in:) Average Estimated Prize €
Match 5 and 2 Lucky Stars 139,838,160 Variable
Match 5 and 1 Lucky Star6,991,908303,798
Match 53,107,51531,448
Match 4 and 2 Lucky Stars621,5033,076
Match 4 and 1 Lucky Star31,075164
Match 3 and 2 Lucky Stars14,125102
Match 4 13,81159
Match 2 and 2 Lucky Stars98519
Match 3 and 1 Lucky Star70614
Match 3 31412
Match 1 and 2 Lucky Stars18810
Match 2 and 1 Lucky Star498
Match 2224

Only one prize per game can be won in each EuroMillions draw

If a game qualifies to win across more than one prize category, the highest prize alone will be paid to the ticket holder.

European Millions


Matching EuroMillions tickets are purchased in Austria. Lottery winnings are not currently taxed in Austria.

Promotional Prizes

Some promotional prizes that may be offered by the Lottery Operator to ticket holders within the Lottery Operator's country are excluded from the prizes that can be won by The Lottery Office Players. The Divisional prizes listed above are the valid prizes offered by The Lottery Office.

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