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QLD player grabs $27,380 with Division 3 win AND 24 Division 4 wins! How?

The next USA Mega Lotto draw jackpot on 22 May is worth an astonishing AUD$629 Million!

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One of our USA Mega Lotto players has taken out 25 minor wins with just 1 purchase!

In the November 23 draw, they won division 3 once ($9,327) AND division 4 an astonishing 24 times ($720 each time) taking home a total of over $27,000.

How did this Happen?

Instead of playing a standard game, they lucky Queenslander chose the Guaranteed Mega option, which guarantees the all-important Mega Number. The Mega Number is needed to win the jackpot prize, as well as divisions 3, 5, 7 and 9.

One Guaranteed Mega game is the equivalent of 25 standard games! All you need to do is select 5 main numbers, and we ensure you have the Mega Number covered.

Our lucky player selected the following main numbers in their Guaranteed Mega game:

This one Guaranteed Mega game is the equivalent of the following standard games:

The winning numbers from the draw were:

To win the division 3 prize, they matched 4 of the main winning numbers, as well as the Mega Number.

To win the division 4 prize 24 times, they matched 4 of the main winning numbers, over 24 games.

As you can see, all 25 of their equivalent standard games met the criteria for either a division 3 or division 4 win!

This is the beauty of the Guaranteed Mega option; it allows you to win multiple prizes across multiple divisions, all while purchasing just a single game.

Our USA Power Lotto (‘Guaranteed Power’), European Millions (‘Guaranteed Lucky Stars’) and European Jackpot (‘Guaranteed Euros’) lotteries all offer a similar feature.

What is the Multiplier and How Could it Have Tripled This Prize?

The Multiplier is an optional add-on that multiplies non-jackpot prizes (i.e. divisions 2 to 9) by up to 5 times! It’s randomly selected prior to each draw in our USA Mega Lotto. Had the lucky $27,380 winner opted to purchase the Multiplier with their Guaranteed Mega game for $86.25, it would have instantly tripled their win, to over $80,000! Not to worry though, their outstanding prize is still plenty to be happy about!

Our winner was overseas for work when we called him with the great news! His family is in disbelief, as he’s a regular lottery player but has never won anything more than $100. He plans to put the prize money towards a road trip through the Australian outback and wants to help his kids’ and their partners clear some of their debt. It will be a Christmas to remember!

Our winner wishes to remain anonymous. All winners at The Lottery Office have the right to anonymity.

Another Lotto System Game Wins 28 times!

One of our Italian Super Jackpot players recently won over $4,000 with a System 8 game!

A System 8 allows players to select 8 lotto numbers, as opposed to a standard game, which allows just 6 numbers to be chosen.

A single System 8 Italian Super Jackpot game is the equivalent of 28 standard games, greatly increasing the chances of winning prizes compared with a standard game.

The player selected the following numbers in their System 8 game:

Italian Super Jackpot System 8

This single game is the equivalent of the following 28 standard games:

Italian Super Jackpot

The winning numbers from the draw were:

They won:

  • Division 4 – 6 times
  • Division 5 – 16 times
  • Division 6 – 6 times

For a total of 28 wins!

As with all Lotto System games such as the Guaranteed Mega, the System 8 gives you the chance of winning multiple prizes across more than 1 division with a single game.

All of our lotteries offer different Lotto System options. Will you be the next to win a tidy sum with numerous prizes from a single Lotto System game?


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