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Winning Ways To Select Your Lottery Numbers

Once you get the hang of matched overseas lotteries, you may be left wondering about winning ways to select your lottery numbers. For example, do you use family birthdays, anniversary dates, your street number, or do you just randomly scribble over numbers differently each time you play?

No matter how you select your numbers, lottery jackpots can be won by anyone who has a ticket in the draw. However, if you’re looking into methods to choose winning numbers, we’ve listed a few popular methods below.


Anniversaries, like birthdays, can be another great way to select numbers. One of your favourite anniversaries might get earmarked for another cause for celebration if it grants you the first division jackpot in an overseas lottery win.


Often playing birthdays can seem like a safe option, as people usually remember their loved ones’ birthdays. However, make it interesting by picking the date along with the month and even the end two digits of the year to mix up your combinations. Then, someone in your family might grant you the biggest win of your life.

Family enjoying birthday celebration


Playing house numbers can be another great way to select your lottery numbers. Try mixing up the number sequence or using other combinations, because, why not!


Selecting numbers from a previous draw is a prevalent method, as people feel that if the numbers have come up recently, they are likely to come up again. But, of course, every number has an equal chance of being drawn, so who knows… They were lucky once, so they might be lucky again.


Try using quickplay if you’re not into selecting your own numbers each time you play the overseas lottery.


The Lottery Office offers the option to guarantee the secondary pool number for our USA Power Lotto (Guaranteed Power Number) and USA Mega Lotto (Guaranteed Mega Number) with our Lotto Systems. In addition, for our European Millions (Guaranteed Star Numbers) and European Jackpot (Guaranteed Euro Numbers), you have the option to guarantee one or both of the secondary pool numbers. When you choose to guarantee secondary numbers, your chances of winning a prize increase dramatically. Let’s see an example, using the Guaranteed Power Number option in the USA Power Lotto, where the Guaranteed Power Number gets you the equivalent of 26 standard games in the draw.

No matter which method you choose, you have a chance to win as long as you’re in it. Lottery jackpots can be won by anyone, no matter how you select your numbers.

If you’re new to The Lottery Office and would like to play in the draws of some of the biggest lotteries in the world, signing up is this easy:

  1. Click on the “sign up” icon at the top of our home page. You can sign up quickly using your Gmail or Facebook account. You’ll be asked to input a few details and agree to our terms and conditions.
  2. Now you’re ready to play! Visit our website and select the lottery and numbers you’d like to play. You can decide to choose a quick play, and the numbers will be selected for you randomly.
  3. Complete the transaction and pay securely. You can pay using a debit or credit card, Bpay, POLi Pay, Pay ID, or Paysafecard. For your safety, our website is secured by 256-bit encryption technology.

Note: To sign up for an account with The Lottery Office, you must be over 18 years and be an Australian or New Zealand resident.


What are the different international lotteries I can play from?

You can play to win from the draws of the following lotteries: USA Mega Lotto (matching tickets purchased in US Mega Millions) USA Power Lotto (matching tickets purchased in US Powerball) European Millions (matching tickets purchased in Europe’s EuroMillions) UK Lotto (matching tickets purchased in UK National Lottery) Irish Lotto (matching tickets purchased in Irish National Lottery’s ‘Lotto’) Italian Super Jackpot (matching tickets purchased in Italy’s SuperEnalotto) European Jackpot (matching tickets purchased in Europe’s Eurojackpot) La Primitiva (matching tickets purchased in Spain’s ‘La Primitiva’)

How can I improve my chances of winning an online lottery?

You can increase your chances of winning the online lottery by: 1) Playing more draws 2) Play more games 3) Try a Combo 4) Purchase a Multi-Draw

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