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What if Historical Figures Played the Lottery

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if famous figures from history could join us in trying their luck with the lottery? Imagine Cleopatra using her winnings to build a new palace on the Nile. Perhaps Shakespeare would fund his own playhouse in London. Maybe even Marie Curie could’ve advanced her research with a state-of-the-art laboratory!

What Cleopatra would’ve spent money on

As a ruler famed for her intelligence and political acumen, Cleopatra might approach the lottery with the same strategic mindset. She could look to omens, stars, or oracles for winning numbers. If she won, she’d likely use the money to strengthen her rule.

Here’s how:

  • Boost Egypt’s military for better defense and to grow its power in the Mediterranean.
  • Build or improve alliances with other leaders through gifts, marriages, or support, to secure Egypt’s place on the world stage.
  • Invest in big building projects like temples and libraries to leave a lasting mark and honor the gods.
  • Fund research in health, farming, and technology to help her people and attract scholars.
  • Organize lavish festivals, theatrical performances, and public games to keep her people happy and showcase the wealth and prosperity of her reign.

William Shakespeare and his playhouse

Book with Shakespeare listed on the front

Think about Shakespeare giving the lottery a go – living in Stratford-upon-Avon, maybe he would’ve tried playing the UK Lotto. It could spark the perfect idea for his next play, be it a comedy or a tragedy. With his sharp insight into the human condition, he might write about the whims of luck, weaving a story where fortunes change in the blink of an eye, featuring characters who find themselves rich one moment and penniless the next.

He might also:

  • Ensure his family’s prosperity and high status in Stratford-upon-Avon.
  • Buy a fancy retirement home in Stratford with big gardens for a peaceful writing retreat.
  • Collect rare and important books to feed his thirst for knowledge.
  • Travel across Europe, visiting places like Italy, France, and Greece for new stories.
  • Support the Globe Theatre with upgrades and maintenance to keep it a top spot for plays.
  • Build a grand theater for all to enjoy his works for free.

Leonardo da Vinci’s extravagant innovations

Leonardo da Vinci, ever the Renaissance genius, would probably view the lottery more as an intriguing math puzzle than a gamble. He might even sketch out devices to guess the winning numbers or explore the early math of chance.

Leonardo da Vinci painting the Mona Lisa

As a man born in Italy, he’d most likely play his local lotto. You can join in on the Italian fun too and play the Italian Super Jackpot with The Lottery Office!

A lottery win? That would really feed his insatiable curiosity, letting him dive into projects that seemed like pure fantasy, from flying contraptions to submarines.

If he won, here’s what he’d likely spend his winnings on:

  • Prototypes of flying machines
  • Development of underwater exploration vehicles
  • Experimentation with new painting techniques and materials
  • Building advanced mechanical inventions
  • Funding for a workshop to bring together the brightest minds

Marie Curie research achievements

Marie Curie, with her unending quest for knowledge, might initially see the lottery as a mere distraction. Yet, if she were to play “for the sake of experiment” and win, she’d definitely reinvest her winnings into her passion for science.

Dreaming big, she might set up a global institute focusing on radioactivity research, aiming to unlock its potential for humanity. If she struck it rich, here’s where she’d likely channel her winnings:

  • Advanced research equipment for her laboratory
  • Scholarships for promising female scientists
  • Building a state-of-the-art facility for radium extraction
  • Funding scientific conferences to foster collaboration
  • Establishing a public science education center

Mozart and his symphony of fortune

If Mozart had won the lottery, some may think that it was a lucky break to get out of debt and take care of his family. However, Mozart was probably too smart to think that he could get out of debt by gambling. But it could have given him the freedom to create music his way, without worrying about pleasing sponsors, and maybe even start a music school.

Here’s what he might have spent his winnings on:

  • Paying off all his debts
  • Setting up a trust fund for his family’s security
  • Creating a music school to nurture new talent
  • Investing in a personal music studio with the best instruments
  • Supporting fellow musicians and composers who struggled financially

So, the question now stands: What would YOU do if you won the lottery?

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