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UK Lotto Player Wins 40 Prizes with Single Game

A UK Lotto player from Queensland has won a tidy sum, with multiple wins coming from a single Lotto System 8 game.

The Brisbane woman won 25 individual cash prizes in the March 19 UK Lotto draw for a total of $1,554, but that was just the beginning; she also won 15 free tickets for the next draw. With her 25 cash wins and 15 free ticket wins for was elated to walk away with 40 wins all up!

She entered a UK Lotto ‘Must be Won’ draw, which take place when there have been 5 consecutive draws without a 1st division winner. The 6th draw is a Must Be Won, meaning that the main prize will be won, even if nobody picks all the winning numbers to claim the jackpot!

This is because when nobody wins the jackpot in a Must Be Won draw, the jackpot prize money is instead distributed to the lower divisions. These draws can give non-jackpot winnings a boost and they cost no extra to play. In this case each of the winner’s division five prizes were boosted from $54 to $141. This is a 160% boost over division five winnings from a normal draw!

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To get all of these winnings, the player purchased a Lotto System 8. These allow you to select 8 lotto numbers instead of the usual 6, giving you more number combinations and more chances to win, compared with a standard game. They also give you the chance to win multiple prizes across multiple divisions, as this winner found out!

She won division five a total of 10 times, and also won division 6 a total of 15 times! It gets better. When Must Be Won draws have no jackpot winner, division 6 prizes wins also get you a free ticket in the next draw! With these free tickets in the next draw, this player has 15 chances yet to win even more.

Congratulations to our UK Lotto Winner!

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