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Support for Geelong children experiencing grief

Each year, approximately 100 children in the Geelong area experience the death of a parent and this grief can result in long-term emotional health problems.

To help create better health outcomes for these children and their families, The Lottery Office has donated $10,000 to the Wombat’s Wish Grief Camp.

Wombat’s Wish helps bereaved children to find a way to live with loss by providing a therapeutic process to help them to move forward on their journey with grief. The camp is both challenging and fun, with practical and creative activities that encourage teamwork, build confidence and develop self-esteem.

The Lottery Office CEO, Jaclyn Wood, said she is proud to assist Wombat’s Wish in their mission to rebuild children’s lives after loss.

“Losing a loved one at any age is incredibly difficult,” Ms Wood said.

“We are honoured to help provide this safe space for children to understand and express their grief and to remember their important person who has passed.”

The Lottery Office donates a percentage of the cost of every ticket sold to charities across the country, allowing the organisation to make a positive impact on the lives of everyday Australians.

The Lottery Office urges anyone interested in donating to Wombat’s Wish to visit the Wombat’s Wish Website.