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New toys for Newcastle library

The Newcastle Toy Library is a volunteer-run community service providing access to quality educational toys and promotes learning and development through play.

The charity has grown to now service 380 families and community groups, providing 1400 toys to children aged up to 8 years from a range of cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Toys are funded through membership fees which are purposefully kept affordable to ensure the toys are accessible to all families.

With 300 families regularly borrowing from the toy library, a two-stage expansion plan has been set to improve safety and accessibility, storage and display, and increase space for community partnership opportunities.

The Lottery Office has donated $3,000 towards stage one costs of purchasing and installing a custom screen, framing and shelving.

The Lottery Office CEO Jaclyn Wood said the improvements mean even more families will benefit from the toy library.

“Going to the Newcastle Toy Library would be the highlight of the week for most children so it’s fantastic that they are expanding and improving for more families to enjoy,” Ms Wood said.

“Play is an essential tool for children’s development as it allows them to use their creativity, imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength.”

The Lottery Office donates a percentage of the cost of every ticket sold to charities across the country, allowing the organisation to make a positive impact on the lives of everyday Australians.

The Lottery Office urges anyone interested in donating to visit the Newcastle Toy Library website.


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