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Millionaire Gift Guide For Lottery Winners

Is anyone else unsure how Christmas 2021 is already here? Where has this year gone?

With Christmas on the approach, we thought we’d put together a millionaires’ gift guide. A gift guide for someone who already has it all. Buying a gift for someone who can afford to purchase every luxury item they desire can be a little tricky.

Being a millionaire, you’d generally expect that anything they wanted, they would already have. Or it would be an item that is so far out of your budget, it may as well be in space. But there are some things that you can give to a person who seemingly has it all, and we’ve saved you time by putting them all in one place.

So, here it is. The Ultimate Millionaires’ Gift Guide.


Unlike time, money is a renewable resource. So give someone the gift of time by hiring an assistant. An assistant may be out of the budget for some, but if there are some mundane chores around the house that you could pay for or areas that you could assist with yourself, it will make a fantastic gift this Christmas.


Tee up Mr. Millionaire’s partner in crime and give them a night out for a complimentary meal and drinks.

Along the same lines, you could gift:


Wealthy people often buy materialistic items rather than investing in an experience that will give them a valuable memory to cherish. Some ideas include a hot air balloon ride, a cooking class, a theme park access card, to name just a few.

Sunrise hot air balloon


Offering to babysit is a thoughtful gift that won’t cost you a cent.

Dedicating a few hours of your time to babysitting and giving a pair of extremely busy and exhausted parents a night off is priceless.


Donating to a charity close to someone’s heart is a beautiful gift to offer someone who has everything.


Give a gift of silence with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Being in a position of wealth usually comes hand in hand with a hectic work and personal life. However, sometimes enjoying the quiet isn’t always an option. With a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, your receiver can enjoy some quiet time whenever they need it.


A playlist might seem like a weird gift but creating a playlist for someone who leads a busy life is incredibly thoughtful.


Even if your gift receiver has weekly massages scheduled, a massage is something that never receives a complaint.

Selecting a Christmas gift for a person who already has everything they could ever dream of is quite the challenge. But remember that it’s not the price of the gift that matters. It’s the thought behind it.


Does The Lottery Office donate to Charity?

Yes. The Lottery Office Charitable and Community Benefits Fund donate a percentage of all revenue. We are committed to giving back to local communities and organisations. If you would like to suggest a charity or cause that would benefit from a donation, please get in touch with

What are some charities to donate to as a gift?

This is highly personal and dependent on the gift receiver's values. If they like animals, check out the Animal Welfare League Queensland. If sustainability is their thing, check out Planet Ark.

How much do assistants cost?

Depending on the duties involved, assistants average an annual salary of approximately $70,000, meaning that you can expect an hourly rate between AUD$35 - $50.

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