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Lotto Systems – Pick More Numbers For More Chances to Win

The Lottery Office is thrilled to offer its players the chance to win from our exciting new feature, Lotto Systems!

Lotto Systems (sometimes also called ‘System Entries’) have been a popular request from our customers, and now players can have a higher chance to win prizes compared with standard lotto games.

At The Lottery Office we are able to offer Lotto Systems for each of our exclusive lotteries, even though the overseas lottery draws in which we buy matching tickets don’t offer them.

Want to know exactly what Lotto Systems are, how they work and what advantages they have over standard lotto games? Keep reading to find out!

What is a Lotto System Game?

Lotto Systems are a twist on normal lottery play. They allow you to choose more lotto numbers than you could normally choose when you play a standard lotto game. This might not sound like a big deal, but we can assure you that it is! This is because by selecting more numbers, you’re greatly increasing how many chances you have to win a prize.

There are several different Lotto System options available for each of our lotteries, some of which are the equivalent of playing several hundred standard lotto games and some that are the same as playing just a few standard games.

What’s So Good About Lotto Systems?

There are a lot of helpful advantages to playing a system entry instead of standard games.

Aside from giving players more opportunities to win the jackpot compared with standard games, they also let you win multiple prizes and across multiple divisions! For most lotteries, a standard game will only let you win one prize. A System game could see you win several prizes, which is an especially exciting prospect when they’re paired with the Multiplier feature in our USA Mega Lotto and USA Power Lotto. The Multiplier sees non-jackpot prizes multiplied by up to 5 times for USA Mega Lotto and 10 times for USA Power Lotto. With the Multiplier, a System game could win multiple boosted prizes.

System games also make it quick and easy to play the equivalent of many standard games.

For example, if you wanted to purchase a lot of games in our USA Power Lotto, you could instead buy a single System 7. This would mean you’d only have to select a single game with 7 numbers, instead of having to choose 5 numbers for 21 games! This is a great way to save time and effort and for the same result, which is 21 chances to win in the draw.

Please remember that all lottery numbers have the same chances of winning as any others. Despite what some people may tell you, there are no numbers that more, or less likely to win than any others.

How Does a Lotto System Work?

When you choose to play a Lotto System entry, first you must decide which lottery you wish to play.

After selecting your lottery, you need to choose which Lotto System you wish to play. With several choices available for each of our lotteries, we have an option that will suit almost any player.

Once you’ve chosen your System, then it’s time to select the numbers you wish to play. You can choose the numbers yourself, or you can let us choose them for you at random. Remember; the Lotto System you choose will determine how many lotto numbers you get to choose, and the more you choose, the greater your chances are of winning a prize.

For instance, let’s say you want to play the UK lotto, and you decide to play a System 7.

Normally in the UK Lotto, you’d only get to choose 6 lotto numbers, but with a System 7, you get to select an extra number.

Let’s say that you chose these 7 numbers in your UK Lotto System 7:

Lotto system game example

This solo System 7 game is the equivalent of these 7 standard lotto games:

Lotto system equivalent games

This means that one UK Lotto System 7 game is the same as playing 7 UK Lotto standard games. Playing more games in a draw is the only way to guarantee you increase your chances of winning a prize, and Lotto Systems are a great way to do exactly that!

How much do Lotto Systems cost?

If you decide to play a Lotto System entry, the price will be calculated by how many standard lotto games it is the equivalent of. For example, our European Millions Lotto System 7 is the equivalent of 21 standard lotto games. This means that the Lotto System entry will cost the same as 21 standard European Millions lotto games.

Try a Lotto System Entry Today

When you compare them to traditional lotto games, Systems bring the winning numbers just that much closer.

Play a Lotto System today!


Are System Entries worth it?

If you're looking to save time when playing multiple standard games, a Lotto System could be for you. Not only is it much quicker to play a single System entry than playing all the equivalent standard entries, they also give you the chance to win multiple prizes in multiple divisions.

How do Lotto Systems Work?

After selecting your lottery, select which Lotto System Option you want to purchase. Then simply select your numbers (by yourself or randomly) and pay for them in exactly the same way as you would any standard lottery game.

How to win Lotto Systems

Lotto Systems simply give you more chances to win when compared with a normal lotto game. Unfortunately there's no way to guarantee a win in any lottery game. Lotto is a game of chance so there is no way to predict which winning numbers are going to be drawn.

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