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Where Would You Be One Year From Now If You Won The Lottery?

It’s fair to say many of us catch ourselves daydreaming about what it would be like to win the lottery.

A brand new mansion, a Mercedes Benz and a luxurious holiday are on the top of the list for many. While these purchases will undoubtedly change the lives of many, it is important to consider where you would like to be both financially and in terms of your happiness in a year’s time!

Despite what you may think, winning the lottery won’t automatically make you happier (yes, it is hard to believe a penthouse by the ocean won’t make you instantly happier).

However, if you spend your winnings correctly you can increase your quality of life and live the life you have always dreamed about.

Doing Something You Love

If you’re lucky enough to win the lottery and come into a huge fortune overnight, you can quit your job without the worry of financial stress!

Most people like to have a sense of purpose and choose to stay in their jobs but work fewer hours, while others choose to follow their passions.

Whether it’s studying to become an astronaut, creating a business or travelling around Australia in a van, make sure in a year you’re doing something you love every day!

lottery winner travelling

Have A Retirement Fund

It is important that when you come into a lot of money you put a percentage away for your retirement.

It is a good idea to see a financial advisor and allocate a certain amount of your winnings into a retirement fund so it can gain interest and ideally set you up later down the track.

While this is a long term goal, in a year’s time and onwards you’ll be thankful you made a good financial decision.

Living Where You Want To Live

There is a reason why location matters so much when it comes to the pricing of houses. Winning the lottery allows you to afford to live wherever you like, not only in Australia but in the world!

If you always dreamed of living on the coast of Portugal you could buy a bungalow and enjoy delicious cuisine and amazing culture for the rest of your days!

You may want to buy a house in Byron Bay or an apartment overlooking Sydney Harbour, the choice is yours! Just make sure that in a years time you are living in a place you love.

Invest In Relationships

Having a lot of money is lots of fun, but it’s nothing without meaningful connections with the ones you love.

If you win the lottery, you don’t have to share it with the world but you may want to share it with your nearest and dearest.

Giving back to the people you love is a good way to share your winnings. Paying off your mum and dad’s mortgage, or buying your partner a new car will not only bring them joy but you too.

While gifts and money aren’t everything, helping out your loved ones will indeed make you closer.

If you’re thinking about making your lottery dreams a reality, it’s time to play!

Play for a chance to win from the draws of the biggest lotteries in the world with The Lottery Office today!


Who can sign up with The Lottery Office?

Anyone aged 18 years and over and who resides in Australia or New Zealand, can register an account with The Lottery Office.

How do I sign up to The Lottery Office?

You can sign up to The Lottery Office using an email address or your existing Facebook or Google account. Just complete these three simple steps: 1. Click Sign Up at the top of our home page. 2. Enter your personal details. 3. Confirm you are over 18 years and agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Once you have joined The Lottery Office you are able to begin playing straight.

Is The Lottery Office legal?

Yes. The Lottery Office is operated by Global Players Network Pty Ltd, and licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Government of Australia. All of our lotteries are approved, conducted and drawn in the Northern Territory under the supervision of Licensing NT. Our processes and financials are audited annually as required by our Regulator.

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