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How to tell your wife you’ve just won $50 million!

Let’s set the scene…

You’ve been playing International lottery for the past few months and today was your lucky day!  You have just won AUD$50 million! There’s just one problem, how do you break this amazing news to your wife?

Don’t worry, here are a few creative ideas on how to break this exciting news to the love of your life!  

ATM receipt

Casually leave an ATM receipt on your kitchen bench, but make sure it states your current balance. Imagine the look on your wife’s face when she sees all those zeros!

An extravagant present

What gift has your wife always wanted, but it has always been financially out of reach? A new convertible? A Boat? A brand new house?

How to tell your wife you've just won $50 MillionCan’t decide? Perhaps get the car and the boat.

Surprise her and buy her that special something that will change her life forever! If it’s a car leave it in the driveway with a big red ribbon on top if it’s a boat meet her at the dock to unveil the surprise. We guarantee she’ll love it!

Pack her bags

You could just announce your win and plan a holiday together, but if you already know her dream destination why not make it more exciting!   

Leave a postcard on the table from her dream destination, tell her to pack her bags and then off you go!  

Keep it simple

How about a simple romantic dinner to announce the exciting news? Go to your favourite restaurant, order your favourite meal and get ready to pick the most expensive wine off the list and start celebrating!

Image of man telling his wife they've just won the lottery!
How do you like the 09 Château Mouton Rothschild red?

Shopping trip

If you don’t know what she likes there’s nothing quite like a shopping trip with $50 million in the bank! Maybe it’s a trip to the shopping centre, a car dealership or to buy her dream house, the sky is the limit!

A big cheque

After all, everyone loves a huge cheque! Blindfold her and reveal the prize money written on a big novelty cheque. Amazing!

Home sweet home

Pay off the mortgage and leave a note on the kitchen bench to tell her the house is now yours and you’ve won US Powerball! Imagine how happy she’ll be knowing you finally own your own home!

I’ve got a surprise for you…

How will you break the news? A new car? An ATM receipt?

Did you know?

While you might want to tell your wife about your win, you don’t have to announce it to the whole world. When you purchase a matching USA Power Lotto ticket through the Lottery Office you can remain anonymous.

When you purchase our USA Power Lotto ticket from us we will buy a matching ticket in the US Powerball held in the USA. We will pay you the exact same prize amount that we collect on the US Powerball ticket. Find out how to win USA Power Lotto and check out all the previous results.

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