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How To Responsibly Play Lottery Online

Each week millions of people from all over the world participate in local or international lottery games. And in these post-pandemic times, people seem to like playing online instead of venturing out to their local lottery news agency or lottery retailer. And with that in mind, certain small things can lead to getting a little carried away when playing the lottery online. So, the question we’re analysing today is, ‘how to responsibly play lottery online?’

To begin with, playing the lottery online requires you to create an account, add your personal information and provide payment information. But don’t worry; when you play with The Lottery Office your details are encrypted to keep them safe. However, some things are out of our control and this is where our players come in.

One example could be: you give your account log in details to someone you know. They jot down the details and go on a spending spree without your knowledge. Unfortunately, in this case, the decision to share personal log in is the reason for the breach. And to make the situation even more frustrating, any insurance company or bank is unlikely to help you recover the lost funds. So the moral of the story is: don’t give anyone else access to your account. It is also important that you don’t make your password something that could easily be guessed. If someone guesses your password and gets hold of your account, they could be entering draws and accessing your personal details. The Lottery Office also doesn’t allow anyone under 18 to play in their online international lotteries, so especially don’t make it easy for the underage to access your account.

Thankfully, The Lottery Office has found a way for hesitant people to play online without entering any payment methods. If you haven’t heard of the LotteryOffice’s ‘Pay In Store’ option, let us make your day.

The Lottery Office players who are hesitant to do so on the internet can add funds to their Lottery Office accounts in person at participating stores. You can find your closest participating retailer with our Pay In Store locator. You’re welcome!

While we’re on the topic of not revealing too much… We highly recommend that online lottery players lucky enough to win one of our jackpots in an international lottery remain anonymous. As The Lottery Office CEO Jaclyn Wood, explains, “It can be a good idea for winners to try their best to stay anonymous as much as possible.”

You’re probably thinking, ‘obviously, guys.’ However, we’re not just suggesting you stay out of the media. But to also think hard about the friends and even family members you reveal your win to.

Unfortunately, some jurisdictions don’t give winners the option to remain anonymous, and their win is revealed to the world. By doing so, they’re opening several doors that some would have preferred to remain closed. For example, their email and social media accounts could quickly become full of people begging for money. They’ll receive requests from charities, people looking for investments or handouts, or even friends and family who feel you might ‘owe’ them a percentage of the money for that small favour they did for you eight years ago. Do you see where we’re going with this?

Mature couple paying securely online

Lastly, lottery winners could become the target of theft and fraud. It’s a hard thought to consider, isn’t it? But unfortunately, there have been some absolute horror stories about people that have stepped into fortunes through playing the lottery online and either been bribed for money or killed for not coughing up the dough.

Luckily, Australian and New Zealand residents can remain anonymous and have the privilege of revealing their wins to only the chosen people. The Lottery Office CEO says, “The Lottery Office guarantees that our winners can keep their identity a secret from the media, but we advise you to think carefully about which family and friends you tell.”

As we have already implied, you won’t realise who your real friends are until it’s too late.

On a slightly happier note, reading the rules of the games carefully before playing any lottery online could work to your advantage. Doing so will not only mean you know the ins and outs of how the game is played, but you’ll also pick up on any additional features you may have missed if you had just scanned through quickly. For example, some games offer a multiplier option that can increase your winnings drastically… Who wouldn’t want that?! Another example is the ‘Joker’ in Spain’s La Primitiva. The Joker is an additional game that can be played alongside La Primitiva. Selecting this option will randomly assign a seven-digit number to you to be used in a raffle with seven fixed prize categories.

We want our players to have the best chance at winning possible because your success stories are ours too! So take the time to read the rules and allow us to welcome you as one of our lucky jackpot winners.

While we encourage players to enter multiple draws to give themselves more chances of winning, in the spirit of responsible playing, it might be a good idea to set a weekly lottery budget to stick to. Having a budget will prevent you from getting too carried away. We get it; playing the lottery online is an exhilarating experience, but we also don’t want you to rely on winning as an income.

Hopefully, this article hasn’t come across as a lecture but rather as a guideline on how to responsibly play lottery online and become another jackpot-winning story to add to the many accrued here at The Lottery Office.

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