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How To Protect Your lottery Winnings

Imagine stepping into a fortune overnight. Let that sink in for a minute.

The adrenaline would be flowing, it’s an exciting time, but it’s also a time when it would be extremely easy to make a mistake with your newfound wealth.

Your lottery winnings will be vulnerable to scammers and people looking to take advantage of you without proper planning and protection. So let’s get into more information on strategies that will help keep your money safe.


As hard as it might be to keep a secret of this magnitude, if you can, remaining anonymous is something to consider. Unfortunately, some countries don’t offer the opportunity to keep your identity out of the public eye, but Australian and New Zealand lottery players do. Keeping your big win under wraps will help shield you from scams and prying eyes.

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Once the dust has settled, it’s time to start thinking about how you want to grow your money. However, it’s only when you have a lot of money to invest that you realise how many opportunities there are. Some can be great opportunities to grow your wealth. However, there are also a lot of investments that may not pay off. So, it’s essential to do your research to find what’s best for you.

You’ll want to be careful and not make any rash decisions. A financial advisor can help you make sound investments to help you secure your future. And on that note:


Find a lawyer and financial advisor that you trust to help you navigate this new chapter in your life. These professionals can help you set up a trust, make investments, and give you the advice you need to protect your lottery winnings.


For anyone who has stepped into money, whether it be inheritance or lottery winnings, it’s good to review your insurance policies and update them as needed.

You may also want to implement measures to keep your home and belongings safe. These measures may be through installing security systems and investing in a sound alarm system.

Finally, you might want to add two-factor authentication to everything! Yes, it’s annoying going from device to device to unlock your bank account or email, but implementing this might deter hackers or scammers from accessing things they shouldn’t be.

Taking the proper precautions will ensure that your lottery winnings are safe and sound. And with a bit of planning, you can secure your financial future.

If we’re a bit premature on managing your funds as a lottery winner, here’s how to play to become one:

  1. Click on the “sign up” icon at the top of The Lottery Office home page. You can sign up quickly using your Gmail or Facebook account. Then, input a few details and agree to our terms and conditions.
  2. Now you’re ready to play! Visit our website and select the lottery and numbers you’d like to play. You can choose a quick play, and the numbers will be selected for you randomly.
  3. Complete the transaction and pay securely. You can pay using a debit or credit card, Bpay, POLi Pay, Pay ID, or Paysafecard. For your safety, our website is secured by 256-bit encryption technology.

Note: To sign up for an account with The Lottery Office, you must be over 18 years and be an Australian or New Zealand resident.

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