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Getting started with EuroMillions

EuroMillions is the international lottery everyone is talking about! The first EuroMillions draw took place in 2004, that’s nearly 16 years this popular lottery has been making millionaires!

Haven’t heard of EuroMillions?

If you haven’t heard of this life-changing lottery, let us give you a quick rundown.

  • EuroMillions is one of the biggest lotteries in the world
  • The first draws were held in the UK, France and Spain, but the lottery soon expanded across Europe to include Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland
  • The prize pool is collected from across these countries
  • There are a whopping 13 divisions, giving players even more chances to win
  • EuroMillions is drawn twice a week
  • You can play to win from EuroMillions’ draws from Australia
  • If you win you can stay anonymous

EuroMillions has changed the lives of people all over the world. Let’s take a look at some of the winners.

Steve Thomson won more than AUD$200 million in November 2019

Steve Thomson and his wife Lenka won a EuroMillions jackpot in November 2019. Winning the equivalent of more than AUD$200 million dollars, overnight this couple became richer than some of Australia’s biggest movie stars!

An anonymous winner took out a huge jackpot in July 2022, walking away with more than €240 million (approximately AUD$340 million)! This is the biggest EuroMillions win in history!

Colin and Chris Weir won more than AUD$300 million back in 2011 and their win put them straight to the top of their country’s rich list!

It’s easy to play to win from EuroMillions’ draws with The Lottery Office

When you purchase a ticket in our European Millions draws, we buy a matching ticket in a EuroMillions draw conducted in Europe. If you win, we pay you the exact amount collected for our winnings from the overseas lottery, no fees, no commissions.

It’s so simple. Sign up for an account with The Lottery Office, and if you’re over 18 years old, you can play! You can play from every state and territory in Australia (except SA).

Just choose 5 numbers from 1-50 and 2 lucky stars from 1-12, and you’re in with a chance to win.

Don’t forget the Superdraws

Superdraws are random, nobody knows when the next one will come, but don’t worry, we’ll give you the heads up! Superdraws are just like regular draws, but the jackpots are supercharged!

Change is in the air

There are a couple of changes that have happened recently with this favourite European lottery. These include more Superdraws every year, and as of July 2022, the jackpot cap has increased to €240 million (AUD$355 million). This is great news and it seems like there are even bigger jackpots on the way! Each time the jackpot cap is reached, another AUD$15 million will be added until it reaches its peak at a mind-blowing €250 million (AUD$370 million)!


Can you play this international lottery in Australia?

You can play with us to win from the draws of EuroMillions from the comfort of your own home. When you play our European Millions with The Lottery Office, we buy matching tickets in a EuroMillions draw conducted overseas. While the EuroMillions prize money goes up, the ticket price remains the same. For as little as AUD$9.50 you can play to win from the EuroMillions draw and have a chance to become the next big winner.

Sign up for an account with The Lottery Office today and your life could change forever!


Can EuroMillions winners remain anonymous?

Players who buy a ticket in our European Millions and win from the draws of the EuroMillions can remain completely anonymous.

How much does it cost to play the European Millions?

It costs $9.50 to play our European Millions. When you buy a European Millions ticket, we buy a matching ticket in a EuroMillions draw. If there are any winnings in the EuroMillions draw, we collect them, and then pay you the same amount that we collect.

Play European Millions

Do you win with 2 numbers on EuroMillions?

In our government licensed European Millions and its matching lottery the EuroMillions, picking 2 of the drawn main numbers will get you a prize.

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