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Can tourists play EuroMillions and win?

Yes, it’s true! Tourists can play and win from the EuroMillions lottery while holidaying in one of the participating countries.

Sadly, due to the Covid-19 travel restrictions there’s no way of knowing when Australians can plan their next European adventure. But, lucky for you, here at The Lottery Office we have an easier way you can play to win from the draws of EuroMillions. And it doesn’t involve any overseas travel!

You can play from the comfort of your lounge room right here in Australia!  

Sign up for an account with The Lottery Office for a chance to win! 

Once you sign up for an account with The Lottery Office you can start playing! It’s easy, if you’re over 18 years old and a resident of Australia or New Zealand (unfortunately, at this time SA residents aren’t permitted to play).

When you purchase a ticket in our European Millions draw here in Australia, we buy a matching ticket in the corresponding EuroMillions draw in Europe. 

Watch this short video for the lowdown on how it works.   

Is it legal? 

There are rules against anyone outside of Europe buying a ticket and collecting prizes directly, but Australians can still play to win from these huge lottery draws. 

When The Lottery Office purchases the matching ticket, it stays in Europe and we collect the prize locally. If your ticket in our matching lottery is a winner, we pay the exact same value of the winning amount that we collected into your account. No fees and no commissions. 

We’re also licensed by the Northern Territory Government of Australia. The Lottery Office meets all regulatory requirements and we undertake regular financial and procedural audits. For that extra assurance, ongoing live audits of customer orders against tickets are carried out. 

Once you’ve signed up you’re ready to play! 

Once you sign up for an account with The Lottery Office, you can play our European Millions lottery. For as little as $9.50 you can buy a ticket in our lottery draw and we’ll buy a matching ticket in the corresponding EuroMillions draw in Europe. 

Right now, the minimum EuroMillions jackpot sits at a life-changing AUD$25 million and prize money reaches the hundreds of millions. In October last year an anonymous winner won a EuroMillions jackpot of AUD$300 million, the biggest EuroMillions win in history. Imagine what you could buy with that amount of money? Imagine how many trips to Europe you could book! 

Don’t forget the EuroMillions SUPERDRAWS

Every so often EuroMillions SUPERDRAWS hit, and when they do you better have a European Millions ticket! SUPERDRAWS happen at random and are just like regular draws, but the jackpots are SUPERCHARGED! 

Time poor? No worries! 

If you’re short on time, but keen to get playing to win from the draws of EuroMillions lottery, we’ve got just the thing. 

With My Favourites you can save your favourite numbers and use them repeatedly. Whenever you purchase a ticket simply select Play Favourites at the top of the page and they will be added to your shopping cart. 

Our Multi-Draws are another big timesaver. You can simply ‘set and forget’, purchasing 2, 3, 5, 10 or 20 consecutive draws in one transaction. This is only available when you choose your own numbers and is not available with Quick Plays.

What happens if you win European Millions? 

There’s nothing more satisfying than transferring a big jackpot win to one of our lucky players! 

If you purchase a winning ticket you’ll receive the exact value of the amount that we collect from the EuroMillions lottery in Europe. We don’t charge any fees or take a commission. The money you won is all yours! 

How we protect your privacy

Your privacy and protection is important to us. With 256-bit encryption technology you have the assurance that your details are safe when using our website. 

Forget about flying across the globe to purchase a EuroMillions ticket or collect your prize, take it easy and PLAY NOW from the comfort of your own home with The Lottery Office.  

EuroMillions changes are bringing higher jackpots, even faster. Find out how! 


EuroMillions can foreigners play?

People living in Australia and New Zealand can play our European Millions lottery to win from the draws of the EuroMillions.

How EuroMillions numbers are drawn

The EuroMillions draw happens twice a week in Paris, each Tuesday and Friday at 20:45 Central European Time. From a pool of 50 numbers, 5 main numbers are drawn. From a separate pool of 12 numbers, 2 lucky star numbers are drawn. Our European Millions lottery is drawn in the same way.

Are EuroMillions winnings tax free?

With The Lottery Office, all winnings in our European Millions and its matching lottery the EuroMillions are 100% tax-free. Players in some European countries may need to pay tax on some EuroMillions winnings, but these do not apply to players with The Lottery Office.

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