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Can New Zealand Lottery Winners Remain Anonymous?

Winning an online lottery may sound like the highlight of an individual’s life. Still, for many lottery winners, their privacy is stripped from them, and living an everyday life becomes challenging.

With money at the root of all evil, there are many reasons why staying anonymous might be the better move. Winning the lottery may mean you become an easy target for scammers, freeloaders, activists, and people trying to take advantage of your newfound wealth.

People would kill to have half of your prize, and sometimes they do! In the tragic case of Craigory Burch Jr, after winning half a million dollars and entering the spotlight, his life changed forever. According to The Washington Post, “One moment, 20-year-old Craigory Burch Jr. was a small-town forklift operator who had hit it big — winning a USD$400,000 lottery jackpot and posing with an oversize check. The next, he was standing face to face with his killers”. A short two months after his lottery win, Burch was sadly shot and killed after he was the victim of a home invasion and demand for money.

Ask yourself this simple question. Would you trade your privacy to play and win the online lotto and see your bank balance rise nine digits? Luckily for lottery winners in New Zealand, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other because they have the same right to privacy as our Australian Winners!

Can New Zealanders play lotto online and remain anonymous?

NZ lotto winners who play lotto online with The Lottery Office can choose to stay anonymous.

If you play lotto online with The Lottery Office and win, there’s no need for a disguise! NZ lotto winners aren’t under any obligation to reveal their identity to the public or to friends (unless you want to, of course). So you can remain anonymous and enjoy your prize money in complete privacy.

New Zealanders who play the lotto online with The Lottery Office have access to some of the biggest jackpots in the world. By playing online, you have the opportunity to win big and enjoy a wealthy lifestyle with the privilege of privacy.

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How to play lotto online from the draws of US lottery with The Lottery Office.

When you purchase a ticket in our local lottery draws, we buy a ticket in the matching overseas lottery. For example:

Play USA Power Lotto – we buy a matching ticket in the US Powerball lottery in the USA.

Play USA Mega Lotto – we buy a matching ticket in the US Mega Millions lottery in the USA.

It’s an easy 3-step process to play the lottery with The Lottery Office.

 First, sign up for a Lottery Office account. Then you can purchase a lottery ticket. And finally, complete your purchase. Once the purchase is in your shopping cart, you can pay by debit or credit card, Bpay, POLi Pay, Pay ID or Paysafecard. Then, we’ll send you a confirmation email and you can view details of your lottery office ticket at your online account.

To play with us, you need to be over 18 years old, be a resident of Australia or New Zealand, have an internet connection and a phone, computer, or tablet to access our website.

Here’s a quick wrap-up!

 It’s safe and secure to play online lottery with us.

We are licensed and regulated by the Northern Territory Government. Our operational and financial procedures are regularly audited. In addition, the NT Government conducts live audits of customer orders, tickets issued in our lotteries, matching tickets purchased by us, and the resulting draw outcomes and winner payments.

Your protection and privacy are important to us. Therefore, our website is also protected by 256-bit encryption technology.

Winners remain anonymous with The Lottery Office. So sign up for your chance to win from the draws of the biggest lotteries in the world today!


Why should New Zealanders play with The Lottery Office?

We believe we can offer you a more innovative and safer way to play the lottery online. The Lottery Office is unlike other companies. Our unique business model allows you to enter our Australian Government approved lotteries that let you win from giant overseas lottery draws, such as the Mega Millions. When you enter one of our lotteries, we will purchase a matching ticket in a major overseas lottery, and we will claim any prize that is won from the overseas ticket and pay you the same amount. Doing this ensures we can pay out any prize and not rely on an insurance policy like other companies. It also allows our players to have the chance to win from matched tickets with major overseas lotteries with prizes reaching into the billions.

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