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Aus Lotto vs International Lotteries

When it comes to selecting whether or not to play the international lottery or stick to more traditional Australian lotteries, many Australian and New Zealand residents aren’t aware of a few key differences between the two. Nor are they aware that they can play to win from the draws of international lotteries through The Lottery Office.

So, allow us to enlighten you.

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to Australian Lotto vs. International lotteries.


The jackpots from international lotteries you can benefit from at The Lottery Office have can be significantly larger on average than what you will find in a traditional Australian lottery.

For example, the US Powerball normally has a minimum jackpot of USD$40 million (over AUD$50 million). Compare that to Oz Lotto (Australian Tuesday night lotto), which has a minimum guaranteed jackpot of a relatively modest AUD$3 Million. Due to Covid, the US Powerball’s minimum jackpot has been temporarily reduced to $USD20 million (over AUD$25 million), but it still dwarfs any minimum jackpot from traditional Australian lotteries.

Of course, international lotteries have the potential to pay out significantly more than their minimum jackpots, so the minimum alone can’t be used to judge a lottery’s jackpot potential. The US Powerball holds the world record for the largest prize EVER awarded at a whopping USD$1.586 billion (approx. AUD$2.2 billion)!!! While Oz Lotto’s largest-ever payout is AUD$111 million.


While the rules of international lotteries may differ slightly from conventional Australian lotteries, they are easy to understand and follow. The Lottery Office makes it even easier by providing a comprehensive How to play guide with every international lottery for which we buy matching tickets.


When playing to win from an international lottery draw, Australian and New Zealand residents have the option to remain anonymous with The Lottery office in the event of a win. Some other countries don’t have quite the same luxury, and some US states make it mandatory to reveal your identity as a condition of claiming your jackpot prize.

However, when you play to win from a matched international lottery ticket through The Lottery Office, your privacy is guaranteed. Should you win a prize on the ticket we issue to you, The Lottery Office will claim the matched overseas prize and pay you the exact same amount directly into your Lottery Office account. We will never publicise your name or photo without your express permission – meaning you can stay completely anonymous if you wish.


When playing to win from international lotteries’ draws online through The Lottery Office, residents of Australia are not subject to any Australian taxes on their winnings. In fact, you get to keep every single cent of your prize. The only taxes that may be paid are those deducted  by the country where the matched overseas lottery is conducted!

One advantage of playing in the Australian lotteries is that all prize money is declared as tax-free income. So, whether you win big or small in one of our matching lotteries conducted in Australia, you won’t have to worry about the Australian taxman coming after your winnings.

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So, there you have it – a few key differences between international and Australian lotteries that may sway your decision on which one to play. Of course, at The Lottery Office, we LOVE allowing Australians and New Zealanders to play and win from some of the BIGGEST International Lottery draws.

If you’re looking for more information on International Lotteries, you can read more on our previous blog, 10 Things You Should Know About International Lotteries.

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