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A tour around the world’s best lotteries

The global phenomenon of lottery has been around for longer than we can remember. Lotteries across the world have been making millionaires and changing people’s lives for decades.

Over the years, lotteries have popped up in countries from Ireland to Italy, to right here in Australia.

Due to international travel restrictions we can’t get on plane right now, but let’s take a tour around some of the world’s biggest and best lotteries.

Let’s start our tour in the US

It may be famous for its supersized burgers and the bright lights of Las Vegas, but the US is also well-known for its huge lotteries. If you’re looking for mind-blowing jackpots, the USA is a great place to start the tour!

US Powerball and US Mega Millions are a great place to kick off. Both these lottery big shots serve up jackpots unrivalled by most other lotteries in the world.

In January 2016, US Powerball changed the lives of 3 lucky lottery players from across America. The winners shared in a gigantic AUD$2.3 billion US Powerball jackpot. The biggest jackpot in history!

Only a couple of years later, in October 2018, a US Mega Millions jackpot came close to surpassing this big Powerball win. An anonymous winner came forward to collect a whopping AUD$2.2 billion.

When you purchase a ticket in our government licensed and regulated USA Power Lotto draw, we’ll buy a matching ticket in the corresponding US Powerball draw in the USA. You’ll receive a real ticket in our lottery and if you win, we pay you the exact same amount that we collect for our matching ticket prize.

When you purchase a ticket in our USA Mega Lotto draw, we’ll buy a matching ticket in the corresponding US Mega Millions draw in the USA. You’ll receive a real ticket in our lottery and if you win, we pay you the exact same amount that we collect.

For only AUD$7, you can purchase a ticket and we’ll buy a matching ticket in the corresponding US Powerball or US Mega Millions draws in the USA.

Next stop…. Europe!

Europe also has its fair share of amazing lotteries, including EuroMillions, Italy’s SuperEnalotto, UK National Lottery, Irish National Lottery’s ‘Lotto’, Eurojackpot and Spain’s La Primitiva.

So our European Millions gives the big US lotteries a run for their money, with jackpots reaching impressive heights!

In 2019, one EuroMillions player became the United Kingdom’s biggest ever winner, taking out a huge £170 million, equivalent to AUD$311 million!

If we take a hop, skip and a jump over to Italy, we’ll find Italy’s SuperEnalotto. The Italians love their lottery, and it’s no wonder with record-breaking jackpots so far worth up to €209 million (AUD$345 million) on offer!

Next is the well-known Eurojackpot lottery. When you purchase a ticket in our local European Jackpot lottery here in Australia, we’ll buy a matching ticket in the Eurojackpot lottery. It’s drawn every Saturday AEST, and there are 12 different prize divisions to win from!

Let’s not forget to explore the UK or Ireland, with the UK National Lottery and the Irish National Lottery’s ‘Lotto’ both turning heads.

When you play our UK Lotto, we’ll purchase a ticket in the UK National Lottery overseas. When the UK Lotto jackpot isn’t won for 5 consecutive draws, the next is a ‘must be won’ draw. This means if the jackpot isn’t won, it’s rolled down to the other divisions, giving them a big boost!
When you play our Irish Lotto, we’ll purchase a ticket in the Irish National Lottery’s ‘Lotto’. The luck of the Irish might just pull through if you play to win from twice a week draws.

Last, but not least, we dive into the world of paella and Flamenco dancers, and visit Spain’s La Primitiva lottery. When you play our local La Primitiva lottery, we buy a matching ticket in this spectacular Spanish lottery. It’s one of our newest lotteries, but already proving to be a fun lottery to play!

That wraps up our lottery world tour, but you can find out more via our website. Contact us anytime, we are 100% owned and operated and our customer service team is based right here on Australian shores, there’s no need to go anywhere!


Can I play overseas lotteries from Australia?

Yes! You can play overseas lottery from Australia by playing with The Lottery Office.

What are the different types of overseas lotteries I can play?

When you play lottery with The Lottery Office you can play to win from the draws of 8 big international lotteries including the USA Power Lotto, USA Mega Lotto, European Millions, UK Lotto, Irish Lotto, Italian Super Jackpot, La Primitiva, and the European Jackpot

How can I increase my chances of winning online lottery?

You can increase your chances of winning by: Playing more draws. Most of our lotteries are drawn at least twice a week. The more times you play, the more chances you have to win. Play more games. It makes sense that you increase your chances of winning by playing more games. Try a Combo! Play the USA Combo, Euro Combo, USA/Euro Combo or All Lotteries Combo to play across the whole range of online lotteries. Purchase a Multi-Draw. Never miss a draw again! A Multi-Draw allows you to ‘set and forget’ and purchase 2, 3, 5, 10 or 20 games at the one time. This is only available if you choose your own numbers.