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4 Feel Good Lottery Winner Stories

We’ve all heard the stories about the lottery winners that lost it all. However, if you are lucky enough to win a great fortune and invest in the right things, you can make your money last a lifetime and importantly, bring joy to yourself and others!

There are many lottery winners who have used their winnings to make a positive change in their lives and communities.

Here are 4 lottery success stories that will make you want to go into the draws of one of our 8 international lotteries and change your life for the better!

A Single Mother Wins Big

Cynthia P. Stafford had her fair share of bad luck. Her brother was tragically killed by a drunk driver, leaving her to take in his five children and raise them alone.

Money was tight, as Cynthia struggled to pay the bills that covered her large family. In 2004, the number 149 million (AUD) popped into her head and from that point on she envisioned winning that exact amount.

Cynthia used several methods to attract that luck including sleeping with the number on a note under her pillow, meditating and visualising the feeling. Every month she would buy a couple of tickets and play whichever numbers came into her head.

In an amazing stroke of luck, just three years later she walked away with a win of the exact amount she had envisioned. Her very lucky lottery win helped her family’s dire financial problems and with a large amount of money to spend, she was able to start her own film company and pursue her dream career.


Couple Uses Jackpot Win To Fight The Disease That Killed Their Granddaughter

Paul and Sue Rosenau won AUD $242.5 million from a Powerball draw in 2008 and decided to spend their newly acquired fortune on helping to fight Krabbe disease, which affects 1 in 100,000 newborns. This disease had a significant impact on them when it took the life of their granddaughter.

The couple founded The Legacy of Angels’ to increase awareness and help fund promising research into treatment and cures, hoping to save others from this tragic experience.

Family of Jackpot Winners Improve City

Pearlie Mae Smith gave back to her city by frequently volunteering in soup kitchens and working in community gardens.

When her family won over AUD $580 million dollars, Pearlie stayed true to her giving nature and used her win to give back to the people around her.

The family started the Smith Family Foundation to help improve the lives of people in her hometown Trenton, New Jersey. The family did this by funding and assisting areas such as education, neighbourhood development and supporting youth and families.

Powerball Win Helps Man Keep Ranching

In 2009 Neal Wanless was broke. He was behind on his property taxes and his ranch was falling apart. Without much money, he couldn’t make much needed repairs around his ranch and was selling scrap metal to make ends meet.

Neal spent $5 on a Powerball ticket and it paid off. After tax, he won AUD $118 million dollars! The big win helped him fix up his ranch, and with plenty of money to spare he donated part of the money to his community in Todd County, South Dakota.

If you’re wanting a chance to win the lottery and perhaps bring yourself and others happiness.  Play with The Lottery Office now for a chance to win from our 8 matched international lottery draws!

STEP 1 – Visit our website and sign up for an account using your Facebook or Google account. Alternatively, you can sign up for an account using your email address. Share a few details and agree to our Privacy Policy and Ts and Cs.

STEP 2 – It’s time to play! Visit our website and choose the lottery and the numbers you’d like to play. If you’re time poor, choose a Quick Play and the numbers will be chosen at random for you.

STEP 3 – Complete the transaction and pay securely using a debit or credit card, Bpay, POLi Pay, Pay ID or Paysafecard. For your safety, our website is secured by 256-bit encryption technology.

Note: To sign up for an account with The Lottery Office you must be over 18 years and be an Australian or New Zealand resident.


How do I purchase a lottery game?

To purchase a lottery game, simply follow the steps below: 1. Select a lottery to play. 2. Choose a Play Option. 'Quick Play' will automatically generate a chosen number of games and will be added to your cart immediately. 'Choose your own' allows you to pick specific numbers individually for each game. You can also choose to play in more than one draw with this option. 3. Click 'Go to checkout' or 'Add to cart'. 4. Finally, review your order, choose a payment method and click 'Pay Securely'. You will receive an order confirmation via email.

Why should I play with The Lottery Office?

We believe we can offer you a smarter and safer way to play lottery online. The Lottery Office is unlike other companies. Our unique business model allows you to enter our own Government approved lotteries. When you enter one of our lotteries, we will then purchase a matching ticket in a major overseas lottery and we will claim any prize that is won from the overseas ticket and pay you the exact same amount. This ensures we are able to pay out any prize and not have to rely on an insurance policy like other companies. It also allows our players to have the chance to win from matched tickets with major overseas lotteries with prizes reaching into the billions.

Do you support any charities and good causes?

Yes. The Lottery Office Charitable and Community Benefits Fund was set up to ensure that a percentage of our revenue would be put back into local communities and organisations. If you would like to suggest a charity or cause that would benefit from a donation, please contact

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