Responsible gambling

How do I set up a weekly spend limit?

You can set a spending limit at any time by logging into your account. 'Weekly Spending limit' can be found under the 'My Settings' tab.

Useful Link: Weekly Spend Limit

Can I take a break from the site?

Yes. You can choose to take a break for 1 month, 2 months or 3 months. You won’t be able to make purchases or deposits during the break period and you won’t receive any promotional offers via email or sms.

You can manage these settings by logging into your account and selecting the 'Account Status' option in 'My Settings'. If you would like to make a change to a break period that you have previously set, please contact us at support@lotteryoffice.com.au.

Useful link: Account Status

Can I prevent myself from playing with The Lottery Office?

Yes. You can close your account with The Lottery Office at any time. Simply adjust your 'Account Status' which can be found under the 'My Settings' tab of your account.

Please note: If you would like to be blocked from re-opening your account or opening a new account in future, please contact us at support@lotteryoffice.com.au and request us to add you to our exclusion list for this reason. If you need further help we recommend contacting gamblinghelponline.org.au

Useful link: Account Status

Where can I get help?

Playing lottery should be fun. If you are no longer enjoying your lottery play and are concerned you may have a problem, we encourage you to seek help by contacting gamblinghelponline.org.au.

You may also decide to take a break from The Lottery Office website, set a weekly spend limit or prevent yourself from playing in future.

Useful links:
Weekly Spending Limit
Account Status