How it works

Does The Lottery Office issue real tickets?

Yes. When you place an order with us, you are purchasing games in our own Government approved lotteries e.g. USA Power Lotto. After receiving your order, we then purchase a matching ticket in the overseas lottery e.g. US Powerball. Once we have safely secured the matching ticket, we issue you with a Lottery Office ticket, which can be found under 'My Draws' in your Lottery Office account.

Who owns the overseas lottery ticket?

The Lottery Office purchases, owns and retains all rights to the overseas lottery tickets purchased as a result of your order. You are entitled to be paid by The Lottery Office an amount equal to any prize money collected by us as a result of the relevant lottery draw.

Will I receive a ticket?

Yes. You will receive a Lottery Office ticket detailing the game numbers and draw dates for our lottery that you have entered. Your Lottery Office ticket can be found under 'My Draws' in your Lottery Office account. The overseas lottery ticket remains the property of The Lottery Office, and will be stored securely in the country of origin. Some countries have laws forbidding the transport of lottery tickets outside the country.

Are there any fees with The Lottery Office?

The game price for each lottery we offer covers the cost of the matching overseas lottery ticket, GST, a Charity amount and our administration costs. We will never charge any fees for claiming and paying winnings.

Please be aware that some credit card deposits may incur a 'cash advance fee' due to the activity being considered a 'gambling transaction'. This is determined by a player's bank and you may wish to check with your bank to clarify if your deposits will trigger this fee. To avoid this fee, we suggest using an alternative payment method including Debit Card, Bpay or POLi pay.

Please note: POLi pay is not available for NZ customers.

What is a game?

1 game is 1 set of numbers.

With most lotteries, you can either choose your own numbers or choose the quick play option that will automatically and randomly generate a number of games for you with one easy click.

How do I purchase a lottery game?

To purchase a lottery game, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Select a lottery to play.
  2. Choose a Play Option.
    'Quick Play' will automatically generate a chosen number of games and will be added to your cart immediately.
    'Choose your own' allows you to pick specific numbers individually for each game. You can also choose to play in more than one draw with this option.
  3. Click 'Go to checkout' or 'Add to cart'.
  4. Finally, review your order, choose a payment method and click 'Pay Securely'.

You will receive an order confirmation via email.

How do I select numbers?

There are two ways to pick numbers:

  1. Quick Play (recommended):
    When you choose Quick Play, the correct amount of numbers for the amount of games specified will be randomly generated by our system and added to your cart. All Quick Play options are for one draw only.
  2. Choose your own numbers (if permitted for that lottery):
    Select your numbers by clicking the number on the play slip, once chosen it will become highlighted. Once you have chosen the correct amount of numbers, click 'Confirm'. If choosing your own numbers, you have the option to select multiple draws.

How do I replay the same numbers?

There are two ways to replay the same numbers for a lottery:

  1. Once the draw has taken place, you will receive a results email. In this email there will be a link you can click to 'Play again'.
  2. Once the draw has taken place you can log into your account and navigate to the My Draws section. Clicking 'See full draw details' on the draw with the numbers you want to replay will reveal the option to 'Play again?'

How do I find previous results?

You can view results for all the lotteries we offer on our Lottery Results Page.

Useful Link: Results Page

You can also view the results of the draws you entered in your Lottery Office account under 'My Draws'.

Useful Link: My Draws

How do I cancel my game/s?

The process of purchasing the matching overseas lottery tickets begins immediately after successfully submitting your shopping cart with payment on The Lottery Office website. Overseas lottery ticket purchases cannot be cancelled, therefore all purchases are final with no refund available. In addition some lotteries offer single use or shielded draw numbers that therefore cannot be cancelled. That is why we encourage you to double check your orders in your shopping cart before clicking 'Purchase'.

Are my tickets secure?

As all of our tickets in our lotteries are electronic we have developed features to ensure the security and accountability of our ticketing process. The primary individual ticket identifier is the entry number above the barcode and this number is unique for every ticket issued. The number is created at the time that a valid order is placed by the customer and is contained in the order confirmation email sent thereafter. It then links that order to the ticket issued to the customer and the matching foreign ticket purchased in the relevant foreign lottery.

The barcode contained on the bottom of the electronic ticket was not used to identify the individual tickets that we issued. Therefore the barcode is not required to identify ownership of the ticket after the draw. Our tickets are always electronic tickets and, as they are not a printed paper ticket randomly sold, we did not need or use barcodes in the winner identification and notification procedures. It is not the holder of the ticket that is entitled to claim the prize as is the case with paper tickets but the known customer who ordered it and to whom it was issued. Our winner identification is all done automatically by our business systems. Of course customers can also do their own personal checks of draw numbers against draw outcomes.

For this reason the barcode has been the same on all of the tickets that we issue. Its purpose is simply to provide an initial assistance in identifying instances where a bogus electronic ticket may have been created in an endeavour to falsely claim a prize. If the wrong barcode is on the ticket it was not created and issued by us. However this is only a superficial check. A genuine ticket must have the correct entry number issued to the winning customer who ordered it and thus can only be claimed by the player it was issued to. Therefore even if the correct generic barcode was on a forged or copied ticket, only the genuine owner of a real and original Lottery Office ticket will be paid the prize that they have won.

Following queries from customers about why the barcode was always the same, we made the decision to actually link the barcode to the individual entry numbers. Therefore from February 15, 2021 all ticket barcodes will represent the ticket number and will therefore be different for every ticket issued.